Barographic: The Lowry


Barographic is a site-specific composition project, creating graphic scores from atmospheric pressure data, and using the architectural form of the venue as an animated, 3D sequencer.

The process reflects on different approaches to interpreting the built environment (and the manner in which architects invoke a sense of rhythm and flow through their designs), and captures something that represents our perception of ‘atmosphere’ – something less tangible, but central to our experience of public spaces.

For the first phase of the project, a clockwork barograph is installed in the venue. Over the course of the exhibition, a series of graphs are produced, charting changes in atmospheric pressure in the venue. This mechanised process creates the graphic scores which form the central elements of the composition.

Alongside these scores, the venue’s architectural structure is used as a 3D animated sequencer, creating melodies and rhythms that correspond to patterns that are inherent within the design of the building.

Live performance:
The final composition was performed live in the gallery on Saturday 6th February, 2016.

Ed Carter – electronics
Jill Fogden – piano
Lucy Hoile – cello
Peter Mitchell – vibraphone
Claire Roberts – violin
Rory Storm – viola
Ellis Thompson – violin

The composition process uses Iannix, an open source graphical sequencer. With thanks to Tom Schofield for additional programming support.

Commissioned by The Lowry.
Many thanks to Lucy Dusgate and Emily Tan at The Lowry, and Rebecca Parnell and Amy Gordon at RNCM.

The Lowry