Ed Carter devises and creates musical compositions and interdisciplinary projects that are context-specific, with a focus on process. He takes patterns, associations, and chronology, and uses these to form the structures in his work.

40,000 people visited Ed Carter’s 2012 project ‘~Flow‘ (a collaboration with Owl Project), which was commissioned as part of Artists Taking the Lead, a series of large-scale public art commissions funded by the UK Arts Councils celebrating the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. ~Flow was a tidemill – a floating mill house moored on the River Tyne (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK), housing a series of wooden musical machines powered by a 4.5m waterwheel, which respond to the constantly changing environment of the tidal river.

Ed also releases music as Winter North Atlantic (http://winternorthatlantic.com). The 2013 album ‘Phonautogram’ was described by as:

“Phonautogram is a work of consummate craftsmanship, as detailed and delicate as an old fashioned timepiece” [The Wire]