Drifts and Panels (2011 )


A collaborative improvised composition project, working with a group of leading brass musicians to open Durham’s BRASS festival.

Commissioned (as Winter North Atlantic) with the aim of introducing the players involved to different ways of working, the project commenced in the studio with no preconceived musical output, and no pre-prepared material. Over two days of recording, the players worked together to develop new melodies, textures and rhythms, creating musical responses to associated images and themes. The central theme was inspired by the work of John Buddle (1773-1843), an eminent mining engineer in the North of England, known for (among other things) developing  ‘dumb drifts’ and ‘panel ventilation’.

This body of recorded loops and melodies acted as the building blocks for the new work, which were then edited and remixed, providing a completely new take on the recorded material. The notation for these new versions was then scored, and presented back to the brass players for the live performance. the collaboration was extended to incorporate folk singer Emily Portman, and visuals by Supanaught.

The title track ‘Drifts and Panels’ was also remixed by a range of producers, creating a bother set of interpretation on the original recorded material.



Ed Carter – Composer, producer, guitar, electric piano

Ged Robinson – Drums and scoring

Simon Canaway – Bass

Emily Portman – Vocals

Supanaught – Visuals

Richard Bate – Video mix

Jim Hayes – Cornet

Graham Tindal – Cornet

Martin Armstrong – Tenor horn

Chris Bentham – Trombone

Jeremy – Euphonium

Clive Parker – Baritone

Steve Malcolm – Eb bass

Phil Rosier – Bb bass




BRASS – Durham International Festival

Arts Council England